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Cogges Manor Farm turns crime scene for forensic challenge fun

Thursday 14th September 2017

Lying broken on the cold dark stone beneath an open window, the body of a young farmhand has been discovered. Did she jump or was she pushed?

Science Oxford, in partnership with Cogges Manor Farm, Witney, is hosting an evening of detective work for anyone who loves a bit of Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) or Sherlock.

CSI Cogges (on Friday September 22nd) will see groups of amateur super-sleuths take on a series of forensic challenges to try and solve the puzzle of how the farmhand died.

Using modern day forensic techniques such as chemical analysis, blood-spatter examination, finger-printing and fibre analysis, participants should be able to gather the clues to work out whodunnit. They’ll gather their own evidence samples from around the Cogges grounds and perform lab tests to see how much of the truth science can unearth.

Luiza Patorksi, Science Oxford’s event manager, says: “We’re hoping this will be a really fun and unique event. When our budding detectives arrive, they’ll be given an evidence collection kit that includes sample pots, evidence bags and forensic gloves. They’ll also be given some background information on the discovery of the body and a list of suspects. Its then time to explore the Manor House and look for clues. Once they have collected all the evidence samples, they’ll be going back to the forensics lab to process their evidence and work out exactly what happened to the poor farmhand.”

There’ll be prizes for everyone who solves the mystery and the chance to enter a prize draw to win coveted tickets to Science Oxford’s November event with astronaut Scott Kelly.”

CSI Cogges is a great way to get people involved with some of the scientific processes involved in forensic analysis as well as exploring the Manor House and grounds after dark.

Colin Shone, Director of Cogges, says, “Cogges has been around for over 1000 years. It’s our job as custodians of the site to unlock the stories of the people who have lived and worked the land here and solve the mysteries of what life might have been like. Science Oxford will be bringing a new perspective on this, inviting members of the public to join in for what promises to be a really unusual and interesting evening! “

Tickets for CSI Cogges are £13/£10 concessions. Doors open at 7pm. Book tickets by going online at www.scienceoxford.com/events/csi-cogges-forensic-challenge

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