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Book now for trip into space! Planetarium show tours schools this November..

Thursday 29th September 2016

2016 has been a busy year for space travel; we watched in awe as Tim Peake weightlessly described life on the International Space Station, celebrated when the Juno research craft reached Jupiter and sobbed when a little silver glint in a dark shadow on an asteroid turned out to be lost probe Philae. Children across the country have revelled in all things galactic and Science Oxford is delighted to be joining the party.

In association with STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory we will be bringing our inflatable planetarium to schools across the region during November to deliver our popular Planetarium Show. The show is designed to inspire children in KS 1-3 about space and science and gives them a tour of the night sky with guidance of what to look for amongst the stars. We can run up to six workshops a day (maximum 30 pupils per workshop.)

£420 per day.

If you’re interested in booking one of our stellar Planetarium Shows for your school, email now [email protected]

Planetarium Tour Image


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