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Performing in a science cabaret?

Monday 8th June 2015

We are spoilt for choice in Oxford for engaging and enthusiastic science communicators. Through our #SOTalented strand we provide training, support and opportunities to scientists who enjoy communicating to the public about their research through performance-based communication.

There are some great opportunities for scientists in the UK to break into the world of #scicomm; from becoming a STEM ambassador to competing in FameLab or even presenting in Soapbox science and BrightClub. Science Oxford organises an annual Science Cabaret where some of our SOTalented team have the crowds in laughter by mixing science and comedy in unexpected ways.

We interviewed the team to find out what inspires them to get up infront of an audience and speak about their science.


“I’m inspired by the children that I work with” – Sarah Bearchell

“I have enormous fun doing it” Professor Chris Lintott.


They also had some great advice and reasons to begin for any of you who are thinking about getting into science communication.


“It really enhances your communication skills” – Jonny Brooks-Bartlett

“Just do slightly insane things like bright club and science showoff” – Sarah Bearchell


Their full interviews and clips of their Science Cabaret performances are available below:

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