Exploration Zone for school groups

In the Exploration Zone, children can create their own experiments, test their own designs and make their own discoveries. It’s a space that challenges them to think and ask questions and to develop ideas and solutions through scientific play and problem solving. Each of the twenty hands-on exhibits is designed to give children the freedom to explore, investigate, create and discover – at their own pace and in their own way. It’s a space that is designed to make all children feel that science can be for them and that it is something they can succeed in.

Here’s a flavour of the activities you can enjoy…

Air Table

Make and test your own creation to hover over the Air Table

Scarf Shooter

Experiment with balls and scarves and make them fly through the giant tubes of the Scarf Shooter

Watch Water Freeze

Observe and explore the beauty of ice crystals as you Watch Water Freeze

Balls Down the Walls

Unleash your inner inventor with Balls Down the Walls

Circuits Workbench

Develop your problem solving skills with our Circuits Workbench

Curious Camera

Discover a new you with our Curious Camera

Play Guess What?

Play ‘Guess What?’ with a friend to figure out their hidden object.


See the world differently with our amazing Microscopes


See how long you can keep it going!

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