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Science Oxford Centre trialling post-visit activities for schools

Monday 10th February 2020

The Science Oxford Centre (SOC) team is currently trialling a series of post-visit activities for teachers to try out at school.

Teachers have many calls on their time and we recognise that any resources we create need to be clear and easy-to-use. To this end, we have developed a set of five activities: the idea is that teachers can do a quick 5–10-minute activity with their class every day for a week following a visit to our Centre. Each of the activities link back to one of our exhibits. They are all in PowerPoint and just open in your browser by accessing a link on our website and, hey presto, they are ready to present. There are also notes for teachers to download on the activity.

The first activity is linked to our curious camera exhibit. Kat and Emily from the SOC team took a series of videos and pictures of interesting experiments viewed through the curious camera. Children can predict the outcome or guess the object and discuss with their peers.

We also have a data-gathering exercise where teachers can poll their class on their favourite exhibit. The activity is flexible so you can produce a quick tally chart or take it further and analyse some data.

The last activity is based around our balls down the wall exhibit. It involves looking at some of the ball runs and seeing how they can be made to work effectively.

As this is a trial period, we would really love feedback from teachers to find out if this is helpful and in a useful format. And, of course, if you gather any data on your favourite exhibit at the Science Oxford Centre, we would love to hear from you!

Download our post-visit resources at

Please email your feedback to [email protected]


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