STEM Insight Days

We’re pleased to introduce a new opportunity for Year 8 to 10 students!

A STEM Insight Day is a one-day immersive experience giving Year 8 to 10 students insight into the world of STEM careers. The first STEM Insight Days will run over May half-term.

May 2024 Insight Days

When? 28th or 31st May 2024
Where? Science Oxford Centre, Headington, OX3 8SB
Who should apply? Year 8, 9 or 10 students curious about STEM careers

Applications have closed for this half-term

What will it involve? 

Each STEM Insight Day will involve 3 main parts:

1. STEM Careers Skills

Learn about skills that will help you succeed in a STEM career. It’s not just about being an expert in a science subject! We’ll look into the top 10 employability skills. Do you have the ability to solve problems, work in teams, work under pressure, negotiate, communicate? Are you self-motivated? Learn about why these skills are important and how to develop them.

2. STEM Careers “Challenge”

You’ll get hands on with problem solving, where you will be assigned a role in a team working together to creatively solve a series of STEM-related challenges. You could be a project manager, a design or manufacturing engineer or other key role in a STEM project.

Key global challenges of today involve the future sustainability of our planet. This May, we’ve chosen a theme to our STEM Careers Challenge that shows space science isn’t only about looking into outer space and at worlds beyond our own planet; it’s just as important and relevant in our everyday life and for the sustainable future of our home planet. While working through the “Our World from Space” eco-sciences practical challenges, involving a satellite launch, conducting earth observations and returning a satellite to Earth, you’ll not only learn about the variety of roles in STEM but also gain insight into the far-reaching impact of space science, how it is helping us understand more about our world, and how important it is in our lives.


3. Hear first-hand from an expert

We’ll take you out of roleplay to hear from the real-life STEM professionals about solving real-life challenges. You’ll hear from guest speakers working in local businesses at the forefront of innovation about what’s it’s like to work in STEM. You’ll hear about what to expect once you enter the working world of STEM. You may hear about surprising career journeys. You’ll get some great tips about how to prepare for and navigate a career in STEM. This May, you’ll hear from:

  • PicturaBio: They are working on technology for near-instant diagnosis of infectious diseases, developing a universal testing platform using specialised microscopy and machine learning.
  • DJSAntibodies: They are developing novel antibody therapeutics to treat chronic inflammatory diseases, to revolutionise the treatment of high mortality fibrotic diseases, such as Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF).

You’ll have the chance to ask questions too. What’s the most interesting part of their work? What’s the most boring part? What advice would they give their 15-year-old self? What or who inspires them?

Spend the day with us and enjoy this opportunity to broaden your ideas for your future in STEM!

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