Internet Safety Policy

Information for Parents/Guardians regarding Internet use

For some workshops / clubs we will occasionally use online software or make use of internet search engines.

For some software, students under 13 require parental permission because of the potential for sharing of content. In these cases, we will inform the adult who will be accompanying the child of this and require them to be responsible for them whilst using the software, or to give prior permission for its use.

Where appropriate, as part of the sessions, we will discuss internet safety as related to sharing of data and using search engines, as well as copyright on pictures and information found online.

When continuing with projects at home, we advise you to use your own judgement and follow your family policy for internet use with your children.

Whilst every endeavour is made to ensure that suitable restrictions are placed on the ability of children to access inappropriate materials, we cannot be held responsible for the nature or content of materials accessed through the Internet.

If you would like some advice on keeping your child safe online, or tips on how to talk to your child about online safety, you can visit the NSPCC’s Online Safety page here.

Updated February 2024

Social Media User agreement

Science Oxford uses social media to explore STEM education and engagement locally, nationally and with people from across the world, and we want to hear what you have to say. We want you to be involved in discovery and respectful discussions.

To ensure that everyone feels comfortable interacting with us and others, we respectfully ask that all posts and comments on our content are positive, courteous and do not cause offence. We reserve the right to delete any of the following content and block users who share such content:
• Hate speech, within the scope of hate crime defined by the police and Crown Prosecution Service;
• Comments that defame any person or organisation;
• Repeated irrelevant comments by individual users;
• Advertisements, solicitations or endorsements of any other organisation, website, contests or promotions;
• Links to any illegal or lewd media and websites, and/or any comments encouraging illegal activity

We reserve the right to take screenshots of content content and contact police.

We believe that social media is an important part in how people live their lives.

We’ll listen. We’re keen to hear from you.

We’ll read all messages and look to flag-up problems with the most relevant part of the organisation.

We’ll be online during working hours

We’ll be human and polite.

We’ll follow people where we can. But this doesn’t mean endorsement.

We won’t deal with your query on social media. We’ll direct you to other channels instead.

If you have any questions about our social media, email [email protected].

Updated January 2024