Marvellous Maths

Y5, Y6
60 mins - show
Maths, Draw conclusions

Marvellous Maths is a show designed for up to 60 children.

“Where there is life there is a pattern, and where there is a pattern there is mathematics.” John D. Barrow, The Artful Universe (1995)

Mathematics is in everything around us. The ancient Greek philosophers such as Plato and Pythagoras knew this, and we can still prove universal truths in the same way.

This engaging show covers a wide range of mathematical topics, from Platonic proofs to the luck of the lottery, along the way learning how computers use simple tricks to ensure they don’t make mistakes and how wise mathematicians can outwit wealthy emperors. You’ll learn how many Rice Krispies it takes to feed the world, and a new way to knot a tie.

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