My Planet Earth - Wildlife in my neighbourhood

Children’s Photography Competition

Our planet is amazing. Even in a city like Oxford, the wonders of nature are all around us – in our gardens, our streets, in playgrounds, parks, and woods. To celebrate cool planet Earth and the natural world, we’re looking for young photographers to snap the wildlife of Headington this spring. From bugs to birds, wild plants and trees to creatures of all kinds, see what catches your eye and captures your imagination.

Your photo must be taken on a digital camera, mobile phone or tablet on the theme “My Planet Earth – Wildlife in My Neighbourhood”.

Our judges’ favourite pictures will be displayed at Headington Festival 2019 with some great prizes for the winners including a Family Ticket for each age category winner to visit a summer Family Open Day at our new Science Oxford Centre in Headington, plus book tokens for each runner up.

There are two age categories:

4 to 7 years old

8  to 11 years old

Read on below for competition rules and how to enter.

We're looking forward to seeing what turns up in our inbox for 2019!

Autumn Neagle, Science Oxford

The Rules

We request one photographic entry per person – choose the one you are most proud of.

Wildlife doesn’t include pets, siblings and cultivated plants do not count as wild animals, however unruly they may seem!

Your photograph must be taken in or around Headington

Your photograph should be taken on a digital camera, tablet or phone, on a high-resolution (300 dpi +) setting if possible (but not essential.)

When you are emailing your competition image to us, please give it a title and write a very brief description of it. For example, ‘A frog I found in my back garden.’ Your description will help our judges to understand why you took the image.

Tell us your name, age, and address – and what school you go to. (You should go to school or live in or around Headington.)

How to enter

Send your entries to [email protected] by 20th May 2019

Twitter @scienceoxford #myplanetearth #wildlifeinmyhood

(Please note the photos could be shared on our website, twitter, facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.)

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