Make your own paper insect collection


Make colourful love-bugs and learn about insects with the ‘Paper Insect Collection’ – the latest online activity from Cowley Road Carnival. Scientists and researchers from Oxford University have teamed up with local artists for a series of workshops for children at home or at school, on this year’s theme of Mother Earth.

Chris Jarvis from the University of Oxford’s Museum of Natural History tells you about bugs – there are 5 million specimens kept at the Museum of Natural History in Oxford, including Charles Darwin’s own specimens collected during his expedition on the Beagle to Australia. Oxford artist Emily Cooling demonstrates how to create your own bugs using materials you can find at home, such as old packaging, cartons, sweet wrappers and bubble wrap. You will need scissors, glue or tape and some paper or card for printing. Tune in for the Virtual Cowley Road Carnival at home on 5th July!

Visit here for video, worksheet and more activities

Age group: 5+ / families

Time: 60+ mins

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Autumn Neagle,

Digital Communications Officer