Build a bee hotel

We’re buzzing about the brilliant ‘Carnival Arts At Home’ selection of online activities as Cowley Road Carnival goes online this summer (look out for virtual carnival on 5th July). The busy bees have teamed up with scientists and researchers from Oxford University on a series of projects around this year’s theme of Mother Earth. During #NoMowMay we’re letting our lawns and wildflowers grow to encourage bees and insects in our gardens, so we love this bee hotel activity! Learn all about these wonderful creatures in a video and worksheet with scientist Liam Crowley, plus follow a hands-on workshop with artist Caitlin Howeels – and discover why bees are so vital for the planet.

Visit here for video, worksheet and more activities

Age group: 5+ / families

Time: 60+ mins

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Autumn Neagle,

Digital Communications Officer