Kit Loan
Suitable For: EYFS, KS1, KS2

This extensive kit includes 13 different puzzles with clear instructions. With a variety of activities suitable for children of all abilities from EYFS to year 6, this kit can be used in several different ways; as a one-off ‘carousel’ of activities for a single class, as a way to engage parents with maths teaching in school with a free-flow after school session or by using specific puzzles to enhance curriculum teaching in maths lessons.

The puzzles develop a variety of mathematical skills across different areas of the curriculum and the early learning goals as well as logical thinking and problem-solving. Many of the puzzles are designed to be completed in pairs or groups and so give opportunities for communication, teamwork and negotiation. Some puzzles have multiple solutions or are challenging and so allow children to develop resilience.

The kit includes: Domino Puzzle, Egg Puzzle, 2 sets of Number Stairs, Leapfrog, Number Triangle, Precoding Penguins, Tantrix, Tower of Hanoi, Tower Building Challenge, City of Zombies co-operative board game, Tessellating Tiles, 6 sets of Tangrams and Sorting Shapes.


Class kit loan

£25 + VAT per kit for 2 weeks (members)
£50 + VAT per kit for 2 weeks (non members)
All school members get 2 weeks of free kit loan

Contact our schools team with any questions on [email protected] 

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