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Oxford Computer Consultants

Number of employees: 100

We provide software solutions to local government, specialising in integrated contracts and finance solutions for social care. In the commercial sector we provide custom software services, transforming ideas into commercial-quality software.

We are a lively, growing software company based in the centre of Oxford. We have expanded from just 2 people in 1989 to over 100 today. Throughout, we have kept our interest in software that makes a useful contribution to society. We develop custom software in health, science and engineering, while our products are used to manage the delivery of social care. We will keep this emphasis in our culture as we continue to grow.

Address: 23-38 Hythe Bridge St, Oxford OX1 2EP

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What levels do you recruit staff?

We employ people who are technically strong and have good communication skills. We are informal but professional and we encourage a culture of teamwork. We like our employees to think for themselves, then solve problems together.

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