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Number of employees: 12

Olamalu is a friendly team of web development experts who specialise in building websites using Drupal technology. We build websites for all sort of clients ranging from University of Oxford colleges to local businesses and community groups. We pride ourselves on our technical expertise. The end results are slick, smart looking websites from the front which are technologically watertight at the back.

We create and build technology solutions from start to finish using Drupal. This is usually in the form of websites, but we also build apps and offer consultancy on all things web and technology related. From building websites or intranets which integrate with other systems to developing new functionality - we are technology experts with the ability to solve even the most complex of issues. We are flexible in our approach and can work with customers on bite size or more meaty projects.

Address: 44 Market Square, Witney OX28 6AL

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What levels do you recruit staff?

We offer apprenticeships, internships and work experience placements where we give our students support, guidance and training to develop their technical skills and expose them to programming languages, software and hardware, system architecture and internet principles.

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