How to get involved

There are many ways that your business can get involved with our secondary school programme.

STEM World of Work

The STEM World of Work is a programme of student/employer interactions that enables businesses to engage with young people through online profiles, in-school workshops, site visits and work experience. Taking into consideration your desired level of commitment, Science Oxford can provide you with the training, opportunities and connections you need to work effectively with local schools. We can work with you to develop activities and facilitate your participation in events.

Event Sponsorship

We deliver an extensive programme of school outreach and special events that reaches over 20,000 young people annually.

Opportunities exist to support many of our activities, ranging from in-kind donations such as prizes or event space to financial support.

Project Support

We can provide support to businesses who want to establish links with a particular school or who wish to develop a specific project related to their specialism. The Science Oxford team has extensive experience in developing engaging hands-on activities on specific topic areas and for particular audiences.

For more information, contact us here.

It’s very interesting and gives a wider understanding of different careers within the STEM industry.

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